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Representing Franchisees in arbitrations and trials involving Doctors' Associates Inc. and Subway Realty

Doctor's Associates  Inc.'s  franchise agreements require disputes between Doctor's Associates Inc. and the operators of its Subway franchises to be resolved by arbitration in Connecticut.   Arbitration is serious business and the stakes are substantial.   

-Answers to Questions Frequently asked by Subway Franchisees.

The terms of the DAI  arbitration provisions are such that virtually all disputes between Franchisees and DAI are resolved without published decisions.  Arbitration is often quicker and less expensive than trials to a court: That is the good news.  However, these arbitrations are resolved without published decisions and almost always with non-disclosure requirements.  As a result, franchisees and lawyers who have not handled arbitrations related to Subway franchises  will not have access to the arbitration decisions:  That is the bad news.

Those of us who do handle Subway franchise arbitration with Doctor's Associates know what has happened on the cases we have worked on.   That information may help us in representing other franchisees. However, we are prohibited from sharing with other franchisees information about resolutions that are subject to non-disclosure agreements.

We can tell you that franchisees that have retained us to represent them in arbitrations commenced by DAI have chosen to use us in subsequent arbitrations and recommended us to other franchisees that have asked them for a recommendation.

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