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Representing Quick Serve Restaurant Franchisees In Arbitrations and trials.

Franchisees who own and operators of Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) deal with opportunities and challenges that are unique to their franchises.   Franchisees ranging from operators of one or two QSR franchises to franchisees of large systems of franchises with a many hundreds of employees have relied upon our lawyers to help them with unresolved disputes with their franchisors.

Most QSR franchise agreements being used in the United States today contain a mandatory arbitration clause.  

Arbitration is often quicker and less expensive than trials to a court: That is the good news.  However, these arbitration are resolved without published decisions and almost always with non-disclosure requirements.  As a result, franchisees and lawyers who have not handled arbitrations related to these QSR franchises  will not have access to the arbitration decisions:  That is the bad news.

Those of us who do handle QSR franchise arbitrations  know what has happened on the cases we have worked on.   That information may help us in representing other franchisees. However, we are prohibited from sharing with other franchisees information about resolutions that are subject to non-disclosure agreements.

We can tell you that franchisees that have retained us to represent them in arbitrations commenced by franchisors have chosen to use us in subsequent arbitrations and recommended us to other franchisees that have asked them for a recommendation.

Information Specific to Subway Franchises.

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